• NeuroNav Drive™

    The NeuroNav Drive™ is a small, light-weight, pre-assembled microdrive developed by Alpha Omega. This innovative drive features a virtually noise-free motor allowing the surgeon to record and stimulate as the electrodes are advanced in the brain. The electrodes can be easily repositioned with the X-Y stage and 5-hole Bengun, without the tedious need to adjust the frame as required in other systems. Once the target is reached, the DBS electrode is implanted through the same guide tube used for recording without retracting it from the brain. The NeuroNav Drive™ is compatible with any frame or microelectrode recording system, making it ideal for use in a variety of settings and applications.

    The NeuroNav™ is capable of recording up to 5 channels of spikes and 5 channels of local field potentials. With integrated micro and macro stimulation, the surgeon can switch back and forth instantly from recording to stimulation, in order to achieve maximum accuracy during the DBS procedure.

    The unit is completely portable for easy maneuverability. Its compact size, affordable price, and ease of use, make it ideal for community hospitals and low volume centers. Easy set-up and simplified operations allow the operator to proceed with the operation within a matter of minutes and without complications.

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