By using the product, the surgeon can quickly establish a channel for enuroendoscopy surgery with reduced brain tissue damage. It mainly applied to surgeries that require high accuracy, such as brain hemorrhage, brain ventricular tumors, brain parenchymal tumors, parenchymal lesions biopsy, etc.

There are three models for different lesion locations. Each model consists of an outer tube, an inner tube, an obturator and a butterfly grip.

The inner tube is applied by Circular design at its' head end, blunt puncturing in brain tissue.

There is a precision scale on each Inner tubes for accurate depth reading.

The inner tube core can be used to determine whether the outer tube reaches the exact position of the lesion.

Insert the outer tube to establish neuroendoscopy working channel.

Equally expanses brain tissue with minimum force, better surgical field exposes.

The outer tubes is made of a special transparent material, easier to observe bleeding condition on the surrounding tissue.

The butterfly grip is convenient for fiexible arm holding.

Diameter of outer tubes head end Surgical channel length Applicable surgical lesion depth
20mm 45mm Lesion location within 45mm depth from surface
20mm 65mm Lesion location within 65mm depth from surface
20mm 95mm Lesion location within 95mm depth from surface

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